Karastan Carpets & Area Rugs

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Benefits of Wool Carpeting and Area Rugs by Karastan

Sustainable and Renewable Eco-Friendly/Green solution

Superior Performance that extends the life of carpet or rugs in any environment

Quality blended fibers and product testing to ensure performance

Karastan carpet

Wool Is the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Fiber

Wool is a sustainable and renewable carpet option that has two natural attributes that supersedes synthetic materials. Wool is powered by nature’s resources and comes from the Sheep’s own constantly renewing world… Grass, sun, rain, and fertile soil energize this natural “factory.” It is biodegradable and promotes healthier living indoor air quality, moderating a room’s climate as well as temperature. Wool offers superior performance and a longer life cycle adding to the green benefits by avoiding replacement materials, transportation, and energy utilization when compared to synthetic carpet products. Wool means LESS.

Superior Performance

Due to the natural crimp that is inherent in high quality wool fiber, it provides a superior texture retention and resilience. Overtime, wool carpet wears gracefully and simply looks better, longer. It is naturally soil and stain resistant. Due to its natural properties, it also is self-extinguishing and suits well in casinos, airlines, and cruise ships. Wool has a natural ability to accept and hold dye, exceptionally for brighter, rich colors that last over longer periods of time.

Quality Carpet Options

Our carpets are engineered resulting in ease of installation, quality, color consistency, and maximum performance. With triple blended wool fibers, scoured yarn, and high twist yarns, we ensure wool carpet provides beautiful, high-performing, and comfortable options.



Pros: fade resistant, inexpensive, tenant improvement, great for outdoor use

Cons: crushes easily, can attract oil, not a soft material



Pros: recycled material, inexpensive, resists acid dye stains, good "poly silk" fiber

Cons: not extremely resilient, OK performance



Pros: varying lusters, abrasion resistance, good resilience, affordable options to higher-end

Cons: may have a "plastic" appearance or sheen, decreased appearance retention



Pros: ultimate "green" fiber, outperforms synthetic, superior resilience, appearance retention, soil and stain resistance, flame and fire retardant

Cons: abrasion issues, initial cost, initial shedding

Wool Can Fit Your Lifestyle

While wool is an investment that beautifies your home, it also provides an array of values from quality and performance to green and healthier living. For more information on carpet styles to fit your home or office, please contact us!