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About Carpet

When it comes to carpet, nobody does it better than the experts at Santa Cruz Carpet One Floor & Home. We supply on quality made carpet and carpet brands, and we also provide design services to make sure that you make the perfect choice for your residential or commercial setting. How, exactly, do you choose the right carpet?

Carpet is made to be stain resistant, wear resistant, and a durable option for your home. Carpet features characteristics that are unmatched and cannot be replicated. Carpet is stylish, and comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, patterns and more for you to choose from, so you can have a carpet that matches your home and personal style.

Types of Carpet

Choosing a new carpet is more than just about how soft it is or what color you want. To begin with, you'll need to consider wear resistance and durability. Families who tend to be accident prone should consider a carpet with built-in stain resistance or even a waterproof carpet may be right for your home. At the same time, you’ll want a carpet that is the right balance of performance with style, and your new carpet should fit perfectly into your overall design. You definitely want to make sure to choose a carpet that will look good and last long in your preferred setting.

We are here to help make finding a new carpet easy for you. There are five main types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.

Choosing the Right Carpet

Carpet is still one of the top choices for homeowners when it comes to flooring. For intimate spaces in your home, we recommend berber carpet, shag carpet, or frieze carpet. Berber carpet is the most popular, as it is a combination of style and durability. You can choose from wool or nylon options. For a carpet that is extra soft, shag carpet is a great option, but if durability is more of an issue, be sure to take a look at frieze carpet.

Commercial settings see a lot of foot traffic daily, so commercial carpet tends to be stronger and harder than residential carpets. So, if you are looking to add carpet to your office, be sure to work with us to choose a suitable commercial carpet option. Carpet tiles are also popular in commercial settings because they are durable and relatively easy to install and maintain.

Your Local Carpet Experts

As your carpet experts, we offer a great selection of quality residential and commercial carpet options. We, for example, offer Carpet One exclusive brands such as Lees and Tigressá and name brands you have come to love and trust such as Karastan.

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Best Carpet

Carpet features unmatched characteristics and textures that make your house feel more like a home.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Caring for your carpet is simple, but does require regular maintenance. Follow the link to read up on some tips about how to care for your carpet.

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